Why Are Vegetables So Awesome?

Vegetables are essential to incorporate into your diet when striving to obtain optimal health as they are low in fat, high in vitamins and minerals, and are great sources of antioxidants and fiber! Five to seven servings of these low-calorie veggies should be consumed daily. Vegetables don’t only offer outstanding nutritional benefits, but they can keep you satisfied as well. The picture says it all!

I do not own this photo.

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3 thoughts on “Why Are Vegetables So Awesome?

  1. And they are deeeeeeeeeelicious!!

  2. A.J. says:

    Funny that this is a super short post but I saw the title and had to comment. Veggies are awesome, for example yesterday I had a total candy craving and I told myself “okay after you drink a veggie smoothy (secret recipe) you can eat one fun sized snickers” but, after I was done I didn’t want one because the green sunshine in chlorophyll totally filled me up. (note: smaller snickers in not more fun)

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